Chicago, IL|Beijing,China 



Bachelor of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL



Sep 2017, Artists in Residence Exhibition, Arts Letters and Numbers, Averill Park, NY USA

Aug 2017, Everything Exploded When The Horizon Line Were Reached, Ikeda (Nantoka) Bar, Tokyo, Japan

Aug 2017, Solo Exhibition, Yingting CuiAs the Garden Collapse, the Road Shall Fall, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan

May2017,  Deconstructed, Not DestroyedMana Contemporary, Chicago, IL

May 2017, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL

Apr2017, On the Edge of Virtual Infosphere, Gallery No One, Chicago, IL

Nov2016- Jan 2017, The Big Small Work Show Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL

Nov2016, Fall BFA Show Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

April 2016, After Media Rainbow Gallery, Second Life Based




Feb 2017, The “Future” Shall Never Come &The Desperation Born From Absurdity An Art Review on Baism Magdy: The Stars were Aligned For A Century of New Beginnings. Chinese. KongBai Art Review

Mar 2014, Green Card, Money, Age, Culture Crash, How Much Love Do We Left?. Chinese. WeBond